HP Chromebox G2: Nope!

No, stop! That wasn’t entirely fair to dismiss this nice little box right from the get go. If you know how sceptical and full of negativity your mentally unstable editrix is towards everything Chrome and Google you might maybe understand … but please don’t care about Orca’s private choices.

So, back on track now, I guess this is actually a nice little desktop mini PC, in line with some of the other small form factor boxes I’ve shown you here already. Only this time it’s not by some smalltime obscure electronics manufacturer in Shenzhen but being sold by the mighty American HP company. I guess it really doesn’t matter that this box obviously came from the same conveyor belt as some of the no-name products you get from AliBaba. It’s just being sold as a HP product and carries the Chrome logo as well. Which means we’re decidedly stepping out of the Windows realm and entering Google’s uncompromising Always Online way of computing. Ergo, as we all know, is the Chrome OS in principle nothing but a Chrome brower, embedded in an Android GUI.

Look Lon’s video about that thing:

Forgive me for not getting into the technical specs here as I guess they are always progressing but overall not as powerful as your grown up gaming PCs. Much more important for us newbies in the GNU/Linux environment is the question if this Chromebox will also run on Linux. In case you didn’t know yet: It’s my part time mission to find serviceable, not too expensive used and new hardware for you, on which you can fuk about with Linuxes on end. In so far I leave out all normal computers, although they’d work great, but try to find the obscure, fringey, used, no-name products for you to play with unashamedly and totally free of risk. And most important of all: I prefer stuff that comes empty, without a pre-installed Windows on it.

Lon shows us what’s what!

As far as I understood Lon, the answer if the HP Chromebox G2 run on Linux is Yes and No. As far as I’ve figgered out by now you can run Linux applications (and in this case it’s really apps) inside the Chrome/Android environment. So if you’re a SmartPhone user – as almost everybody is today – and you’re at home in Android and Chrome is your favourite browser, then this thing is absolutely for you.

LonChromeBoxIf on the other hand you made it your mission to just find a kinda cheap new machine to abuse as Linux distro tester, then no, rather not. Or as your editrix said already in the title: NOPE! Also we, or rather I, have no clue in how far the BIOS on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes even allows a straight up installation of a regular Linux distro. So, in conclusion let’s just get our hands off the HP ChromeBox G2.


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