More Groovy ZZ Vehicles!

Whoa! You know Orca usually ain’t a friend of cars (with the exception of old ones and of course vans, and even better very old vans) but since in ZZ’s last send-out was a funny and stylish  little monococque racer in the style of a 20s and 30s Bugatti or sumfink, I just couldn’t resist. I also found a ZZW (obviously ZZ’s interpretation of a BMW) cafe racer bike.

When men were still men …

So I hatched this cunning plan: Starting at the eastern end of Route 12 with the old dieselpunk racer, driving up to my garage, switch to the bike and finish the route on that. Kool beans.

… they hunkered down in these suicide machines …

Unfortunately the grid was super bad again. Badder even than Michael Jackson. But see for yerfuknself:

… and turned into menaces for the roads  …
… and for themselves! Orcsi was driving too fast for the grid to rez on her screen in time. So she lost her hair. And her car, too. 😮
Couple minutes later: Again! Again!
This time the result was a “Weeeeeee…” moment. 😮
See little Ant-Man on the screen? That’s Orca and her ZZ Old Racer. 😦
Finally I just TP to my headquarters and fake the changeover from 4 to 2 wheels.
You know I’m not the least little bit patriotic but it’s gotta be said, after the British parallel twins, there’s no better bike to lend itself to become a café racer than old BMW flat two cylinders.
They are more “machine” than the heavy but weirdly underpowered American V-Twins and somehow look more the part. Let’s not forget, the café kultur depends for a huge part on looks and oily, minimalist bike styling and fashion.
As it so happens, a few miles to the west I come about a diner with a parking lot. So I decide to rest for a couple minutes and snap the one or other photo.
Chugging my old beemer up the hills is a friggin joy. For a while.
Then again the grid becomes unsupportive for vehiclists. Jeezuz, if you can’t even speed along on Linden Route 12, how bad must it be on other, less lucky roads? Don’t wanna be caught up in central Sansara or busy Corsica now. Hmm, doesn’t matter, does it? Crash is Krash! 😦 Bike p00f is p00f!
I never make it to the Western end of Route 12, so I fake my finish photo in the Clinker rez zone. But then I become really silly and decide to ride the appendix as well. For everyone who wasn’t there yet. It’s a suburban extension of Route 12, more of a hiking path than a highway, and goes through some of SL’s prettiest living area.
That goes remarkably well for two or three sims. But then the asphalt decides to swallow the ZZW Café racer including the pilot. 😮 What a day to test vehicles. 😦


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