Not Too Shabby

… not too shabby at all.

Felge Hinten

I mean of course the vehicle overall is in fact pretty shabby, there’s no way denying it. 😦 But it gets better. Slowly, steadily it gets better. For example we just had the engine maintained, all fluids changed, carb and starter electrics repaired, got a choke …


… and even did some luxuries. For example lekker new paint on the rims. Yes, I know the wheelnutz should be replaced with something more better, more shinier too. But these are old Ford shit, ergo still imperial measurements and nowhere to get. Stupid Britz with their weird semi-American Ford tech. 😮 Jeez fuk, who still uses inches in 2000fukn18? It was weird enough in 1965 when this model came out. UK/DE co-op, and they followed America’s lead. Stupid mofos. And those wheels, wheelhubs. breaks n stuff aren’t even original parts but all 3rd party stuff of later years. Anyhoo, rest of the wheels looks great now. We also got nifty …


… and strong LED lights in the grill, in exchange for the broken old lightbulby ones. Looks fancy, no? But we got really usefull stuff done as well. Steering and shock absorbers are now working smoothly and the van stopped jumping around the road. If it goes on like that we will be able to get our Oubaas roadworthy and registered maybe even inside this year. Sucks to be illegal. And we’ll change that! It already drives like a dream now.

Rule Britannia! Britannia rulz the roads! 😉

Of course only that great a nation could come up with such a curious vehicle (with 99% help by Germany, LOL).



  1. Technically, inches and shit are “semi-British”. The US officially went metric in 1893, but being free and all, we just haven’t actually forced anyone here to use it. We’re slowly coming around, and if you wanna work on your own car here, you’d better have metric and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) ‘English’ tools. It’s a mess. Since the US military spends so much time “reaching out” to other countries, they went metric a long time ago. So do US doctors and nurses and radiologists and scientists in general. Our food’s measured in English (not “Imperial”, there are actually TWO kinds of gallons, feet, etc) and metric, because we sell things to Canada.

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      • Oh, no doubt. Back when Obama was taxing our economy into a coma, Tim Hortons Donuts (a Canadian fast food chain) made out like a bandit merging with Burger King (an American fast food chain) so BK could get out of paying tons of corporate income tax. And they invented the Canadarm on the International Space Station that allows the ISS to reach out and grab spacecraft instead of everyone on board cringing when a Soyuz tried to dock on retrorockets. And Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry (a deceptively named Canadian Forces special-ops unit) has the best snipers on Earth.

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        • Who, precisely, are you, Loupgarous? And why are you allergic to Big Business chipping into the tax base to help pay for Federal government? I’m well aware that the “1%” which own half the country also pay half the income tax, but the costs of protecting that stuff from crime and enemy attack, not to mention building the roads to and from it and so on add up. I’m with you on the Canadarm, even on Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry (it has a catchy name I’m stealing for Second Life), but very little else. I stopped eating at Burger King when I found out they were now domiciled in a Canadian tax haven.

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          • Did you also stop using Apple products? I hear they are even bragging about not paying taxes. And did you stop ordering shit from Amazon, which is a super cruel business? Jeff Bezos anybody?


              • No, I don’t.
                Simple answer.

                If you want me to clarify, okeeee … The farm murders are just that: Brutal murders by some brainless greedy brutes. Nothing to applaud there. But I leave it to the police to hunt down the killers and have them locked up. It’s also happening far away, up north, and I can’t drive or fly through the whole country when someone gets killed somewhere. What would I do there in the first place?
                The farm killings aren’t epidemic, as shown in the western media, they are indeed isolated freak murder cases happening in very isolated rural areas. They don’t touch the subject of national politics, they are not on anyone’s agenda. Ok, some of the angry young black business politicians around Julius Malema might break out in song and dance whenever a blankie boer gets killed, but again, he was kicked out off the ANC and, as the party youth leader, never really had anything to say in the first place.

                Seems the new South Africa doesn’t like socialists very much.

                What a tool:


                  • Sorry Patty, but I never accused you personally to buy from Amazon, Apple or Wally. But someone seems to do it, someone somewhere supports those harmful companies.

                    I know I once did it myself. Back when the whole e-commerce stuff was new we’ve ordered an iMac from a German retailer. Not Amazon but a small little dealer, who at least was subject to German labour laws, and we also ordered the one or other book from Amazon.

                    Now we know better and stopped those behaviours. Mac was a big disappointment in the first place, and ordering books online is stupid when we have 2 or 3 huge book stores in malls nearby. Laptops we buy from a huge German mail order store, the parts for my self-assmbled PC I got from a Saffrican Amazon-clone I have no clue about workers’ protection there, but it’s probably bad as everywhere in SA. And I didn’t know where else to get all those single spareparts for the build. Now I know some suppliers and will not repeat that mistake again. Oh, and the graphics card I already bought privately from a guy who didn’t need it and sold me his unopened box for a good price.

                    And my Lenovo desktops I bought second-hand, so I’m an innocent little puppy.


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