Talking About Updates …

… and we just talked about Linux updates, didn’t we? Hey, just again, just to drill it into your unbelievably dense noggins, my dear readers, Linux updates are generally a good thing. A GOOD THING!!! Got that? They are not sent out by Microsoft or Apple, in order to protect their intellectual property and spy on you if you are a good sheeple, and keep you from getting pretty things. No! Linux updates are indeed helpful and make your computer always a tiny bit betterer. Each and every time. Besterer! Look at the update I just installed a minute ago:


Linux Kernel jumped one tiny increment from 4.17.4 up to 4.17.4-1. Thank you Mr. Torvalds. It’s nice to know such a famous person thinks about my wellbeing. 😉

Yes! Linus personally sent me the latest Linux Kernel directly onto my machine. =^.^=
Asus GTX770

And the original driver for my trusty Asus GTX 770 jumped from 396.24-something to a higher number of 396.24-14. This ain’t some fukn politically correct free driver but the original shit by Nvidia, the stuff that makes Second Life look sexy.


So all in all, in a matter of not even a minute, my machine was lifted from greatness to super mutant power force.

It became an X-Men computer!


Well, sorry, my patience with Windows has run out long ago, as it happens to many Linux users. It’s nearly inevitable and only people of questionable mindset are using both operating systems in the long run. So, according to this comic strip I can forget about ever stepping in the footsteps of Jean Grey and Storm and all the other X-Women and X-Girls. :/

We wonder what the special power of this X-Girl is …

Doesn’t really matter since, as we all should know by now, Linux turns its users into awesome human beings, kinda like geeky mutations. Yes, even complete fools and shitheads like little Orcsi reach kinda greatness by invoking the power of Linux! And that is an undeniable reality, not a cartoon fantasy!

Can’t say exactly but this could be a Linux running on this mutant’s lappy

And what’s also an undeniable truthiness: The fact that we Linux and Unix users are sometimes called Xers makes us kinda real life X-Men, no?

Maybe he was Professor X?

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