When Dreams Go *POOF!*


Oh Lucy, you were South America’s last hope. And now look at this pile of shards …

No magical samba tonight. 😦

https://api.fifa.com/api/v1/picture/tournaments-sq-4/254645_wWasn’t the 1:7 against Germany at the last world cup enough of a wake-up call for you guys? What happened? Ok, I mean tiny Belgique already was a secret favourite, so I hear. They are on a roll right now it seems. So maybe it’s time to remove the “secret” part from the description when talking about this dwarf nation’s approach to international football. They are among the last surviving 4 teams, so have we witnessed the next World Champion playing tonight?

Lucy really expected more from her boyz. 😮

Brazil danced their last samba and was surgically removed from the tournament. 😦

I bet even them carnival do Rio gurlz in their high heels play better futbol than the national team

Ok, enough with the boys’ game, let’s find something more important to blog about, shall we? Looking forward to tomorrow’s report about the TrYC Shields races …

It would’ve been so nice …

That’s what we expected to see but what we got was … 😦



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