Café Racer

Just received a new bike when I logged in world today. Of course by ZZ Bottom. I mean who else would send me multiple vehicles multiple times each week? And I’m really sorry to admit I mostly don’t even unpack them but stuff all the fancy boats, cars, planes and bikes in my inventory. Of course I have a plan to unpack all of them, one day when I find the time, and photograph them all and make a blogstory about it. But for now I only look at stuff that “jumps at me”.

HD sooo NOT a café racer!

And when I read that today, one of at least 10 items was a HD Café Racer … well, I was triggered right away. Explainification: HD stands for Harley-Davidson, the original all-American bike manufacture out of Milwaukee.

Japanese café racer

In contrast to that the café racer culture is a pure British thing. Tune your British parallel twin engine and race it around the block. Start and Finish was often enough a café, frequented by biker gangs and easy to impress girls. I guess it’s where the saying “Hold my coffee while I …” originated from. 😉

The ACE café in London is a legendary Café Racer hotspot

Weapons of choice where mostly Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles, customized for extreme lightness and spunk.

Triumph/Norton frankensteined café racer

Anyway, I guess up to a couple  years ago nobody ever thought Americans would catch up on that “culture”. The heavy displacement, fully dressed bikes by Harley and Indian where made for comfortable riding on the highways, not for hooliganish spurting thru inner city traffic.

Harley-Davidson full dresser

But since the world sometimes is a cool place, Europeans started buying and enjoying Harleys and Americans discovered Japanese and European bike manufacturers. And some awesome customizers are even putting heavy Harley engines in light, racey frames and made a new sort of Café Racers.

American Café Racer by Buell

And such a thing I got today, and will show it now:

I’m starting in front of my building site. ZZ’s HD Café Racer fits me like a glove. No adjustment necessary. Cool. 😉
If you had any doubts about who made this funky thing …
A bit further east on the road I come along a GTFO freight terminal. My new bike is full with GTFO scripts as well. Shall I try to play that game?
My new home is located right on Linden Route 12, probably one of the smoothest roads on the grid and a joy for all vehiclists.
Back home on my parking deck. ZZ’s bike is easy to ride, not particularly fast and features no party tricks. Can’t even switch the light on. 😦 But it looks so nice in its minimalist, aluminium outfit and the upside down fork. ZZ knows good styling. Thx a bunch Foneco. xoxoxoxoxo
And girls can do it too!


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