Bandit’s Ana in the News!

In the Waterbank News Weekly that is. My blogging comrades over there visited Analyse Dean’s shop and store in Dutch Harbor by the Blake Sea and made a lovely loving homestory. Lookie here so:

When was Ana not dressed for summer … ever?

And let’s be honest, what self-respecting SL resident doesn’t have the one or other Bandit or Boss craft in their inventory? And who didn’t have interesting conversations with that Jill of all trades? And while it became quiet around the other big brand name in sailboat building, Jacqueline Trudeau, Ana pumps out one interesting boat after the other.

Ana’s store and wharf on Dutch Harbor

Back when Orca was more active in the SL Sailing Community as TrYC High Cheese she was known to be a kinda succesfull racer with her little Bandit 25. A match made in heaven. 😉

My Bandit 25 racer in Linux Mint design

So, this is a good opportunity to browse for old Ana/Bandit/Boss stories and photos in both my blogs …

Ana takes Orca out for a test ride on a Bandit 25 prototype, February 2014
Orca tests Ana’s Bandit 50 prototype in July 2013
Same day, same boat, same skinny @$$. 🙂
An early sketch of what was to become the Bandit 50. This was in December 2012
On the same day Ana showed this earlyearlyearly idea of a Bandit 25-ish boat to Slanty and me
Ana’s making promo shots of Bandit 380 MV. M-24 sailboats in background are sailing a TrYC monday race. See Orca’s  Linux Mint green boat? That was in August 2013

Hey hey Ana, Ana Ana hey! Know what could get me interested in sailing again? A total remodel of the Bandit 25! Pleasepleeze, gimmegimme a 25 where a normal funsized avie can look over the cabin roof, and make the whole thing not as brutally over proportioned. The rest can stay as it is. It is possible as proven by Quiv’s Melges 24. xoxox



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