Amber’s Apples & Kogami-kai Onsen

Ohayou gozaimasu, hot water friends. 😉

I stumble about this specific onsen each and every time when I’m looking for a nice onsen to visit, even went there once or twice but – don’t know why – was always too stupid to realize that the landing point up in the sky isn’t the location of Amber’s onsen. Up till now that was. Today I finally found the TP to ground level and the onsen. Blind me. 8( Soooo…

When you arrive at the store of Amber’s Apples, it’s pretty easy to see the TP down to the onsen area. Don’t ask me how I managed to always miss that thing. Maybe it was the pool in the shop that stopped me from looking any further.
Down on ground level first thing we see is a nice big natural pool … which is unfortunately totally bereft of any bathing anims. And also much too deep. :/ Also no traditional onsen rituals to be found anywhere. No option to wash my feet, no drinkies, no displayed do and don’t rules. :/
But what I find is a cuddle blanket filled with couples and singles animations. Rather nice. But I came to do the splishy splashy, no?
Aha, there’s a hot tub, also fully stocked with adult couples and harmless singles anims.
That tub is pretty close by a house, which I assume is Amber’s private home. I don’t wanna intrude on anyone’s privacy and even though this place is open to the public I’d wished for more segregation between private and public onsen amenities.
Not far off is a waterfall, also full with many anims. Unfortunately it’s only for couples so I’ve gotta live with stupid poseballs touching me inapropriately. 😮

Then there’s what I assume is the main onsen pool. But what a bad letdown this is: The anims are nice but the steam effect and “water” surface is pretty much very outdated. No atmosphere, immersion impossible. Soaking here ain’t no fun. :/

The Tori gate from hell opens the pathway into another dimension! No, not really. It’s just a lift back up to the shop area. 🙂

CONCLUSION: It’s nice enough of Amber to open her parcel as a public hot bath, and it’s even nicer to offer, like, two pools and a shower and a relaxing area with a cuddle blanket. But the execution isn’t very good and the atmosphere severely lacking. Not a high gokuraku rating from me, so unfortuntely Amber’s Apples & Kogami-kai Onsen ends up in the lower ranks of my virtual charts.

If I would be ranking SL onsens on a virtue or gokuraku system, which I won’t do. Too different are the tastes and expectations of the bathing patrons. Maybe there is the bestest dirty sex anim in that waterfall, and that alone makes a visit to this onsen worthwile. Who knows. For me, as a notoriously asexual but traditional virtual onsen user Amber’s Kogami-kai was not very nice.


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