All Your Problems are Solved Now!

Linux Mint got an offer for you. One you can’t possibly resist. How about that?

And you wondered how to get a PC to install Linux Mint 19 on?

Ok, that’s really it! Sorry, but nobody could possibly make it any easier for you to get into the wonderful and quirky world of Linux! Let’s see how that goes …

I went wild and looked at the 8 GB RAM “pro” version for 50 woolongs more. 😉 It makes sense.

No, of course I didn’t order it. I almost couldn’t resist myself tho. :/ But considering the fact that I wanna stay happily married made me change my mind in the last second. And do I really need a fourth desktop computer? Errm…

You! Yes, you!

Anyhoo, jus’ sayin’ considering you really wanna switch to Linux and you’re, like, really really clueless, and you learned from Orca you shouldn’t go the Dual Booting route, and you know you need a secondary machine … the Mint Box Mini 2 becomes a more and more viable and reasonable approach as a solution to your problem. And since Mint 19 is already pre-installed it solves all of your probs at the same time: Unpack, connect, plug in, be awesome!

And let Linux help you reach your potential.

Of course here’s the disclaimer: The Intel proci is a 4-core, alright, but a fukn Celeron model so don’t expect to break any speed records with this thing. And it’s not featuring a dedicated graphics chip, so AA games? Fuhgettaboutit! But it’s a nice all-around perfomer on decent laptop level. What makes the little CompuLab machines so precious is the nuke-save and noiseless/fanless construction of the case. And the size is also good to hide your Mint Box behind the computer screen. And no mistake: These things are nifty!


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