What Will It Be For You?

Heyyyy Hoes! =^.^=

Sorry, quick interruption of our general blogging schedule here, and a bit of Linux … yes, yes, I know. Stop groaning, next up will be a post from inworld … but for now let’s quickly check what desktop environment is right for you. That’s kinda very important, ya know? I mean that’s basically the way in which you comunicate and with your computer, the interface you use to tell your PC how and what you want it to do! It’s by all means the difference between MacOS and Windows when you leave the underlying code away. And the code … we are end users, so what do we care about such geeky stuff? We have heard, and so we know, Linux is betterer and cleverer than Windows, but what do we really know, why would we care? For us housewaifus the most important factor is the ease of use and/or the prettyness of the user surface, isn’t it?

Mate: The desktop for real people!

Some of us wanna play with the UI, bend it to our will, need endless customizing options, others want to just have it simple without doing anything. Some of us wanna use the desktop as it comes out of the box. Some want it lightweight for old computers, some want all the bells and whistles without caring too much about system resources. Again others prefer to do everything with their keyboards while others wanna use a mouse or even a touchscreen.

For lovers of the classic Linux: Xfce


Well, as regular readers you know that Orca is an oldfashioned Mate DE girl, which is perfect for her old folks workflow. And I’m selling this desktop in my blog as the bestest and most logical thing ever. Some of you might even come to the (very wrong) conclusion that Mate is a quasi standard. But we’re talking about Linux here, friends, there is no standard in this fringy operating system! And even here at the fringe, my favourite, Mate, is hardly amongst the most used desktops. Very … very beloved and far spread and probably even used by a slight majority would be KDE. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 ft pole, which doesn’t mean shit and shouldn’t influence you in any way, since KDE is The Shit!

Admittedly the bestest Linux desktop: KDE.

Other Desktop Environments are probably good as well, for example the super lightweight and anaemic Xfce, an outdated but beloved classic. Many Linux distros even use Xfce as their main desktop. Manjaro, Linux Lite, MX, Xubuntu, MX and other well-stabished distros swear by this oldtimer. For my taste it’s a bit too primitive without giving any sped advantage.

A useless money pit: Gnome 3.xx

Then there is the classic Gnome. It’s as fucked up as can be but still a champion with the masses, from what I hear. It’s nowadays hardly recognizable as an evolution of the good old Gnome 2, which was much truer and better developed and continued by Mate. But The modern Gnome3 seems to connect somehow with the young people … because it looks fancy straight out of the box, is minimalistic and doesn’t give you any choices. And there are Microsoft’s millions behind the developer team. It’s so dumbed down, it’s perfect for the mostly uncritical millenials and their kidz. 🙂

“Cinnamon’s a good looking bastard” ~ Jean Horten

There is one halfways ok-ish fork of Gnome 3 which gains traction in the Linux scene, Cinnamon. Originally devised by the Linux Mint team in order to get away from Ubuntus terrible Unity desktop, and used as Mint’s flagship DE, it’s becoming better and better.

Fortunately officionally discontinued: Ubuntu’s very own Unity.

And there is a whole grab bag of desktop environments and window managers to chose from, so don’t think the few I listed here are all. No no, my friends, freedom also means hard work to take the right decisions. I was reminded of that little quirk of Linux when I came about this little questionaire today in the Linux Quest YouTube channel. Of course that is nothing comprehensive, actually far from. But it shows how different we all are, even in such a small community.

LXDE is a compromise of light weight and usability.

And, let’s face it, there are only a handful of options in which you can possibly interact with your computer: Keyboard, mouse, trackpad, touchscreen. Thats basically it. Oh, also voice, but that’s for total freaks and SciFi fans. So in the end, with all the differences between the aforementioned desktops, in the end they all serve the same purpose: Make your computer do all the things!

Just a tiny collection of available Linux distributions.


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