Katz are @$$holes! :o

You can’t trust those furballs …

That’s the villaineous visage of a misleading liar!

… and here is why:

Fukn vikings defeated fukn valley shitters.

Ok, I don’t understand the first thing about sportsball and I have no affiliation or deeper feelings for any of the teams. But what I do know is that animals, particularly of the feline sort, are crappy fortunetellers. Or, more likely, that cat knew but decided to keep the result to itself and lied to the Schweiz fans. And I must say I’m kinda happy the Swedes kicked out the Switzerians.

Suisse looks and is uncomfortable for a northern European. They can keep their fukn mountains and go home!

Because, even if I can’t stand either of them, I still prefer our northern, scandinavian neighbours over those people in the south. Fukn mountainious goatherders. Also, it’s gotta be said the Swiss guys are only good for banking while the Swedes build some formidable sailing boats, diesel engines, tank-like cars … and delightful furniture!

Cozy and comfy Scandinavian design. That’s why we all should root for Sweden!

Ugh, what did I say, Our Neighbours?  I’m not dwelling in fukn Jerkmoney no more but in the fukn Republic South Africa, so neither “we” nor any of our fukn neighbours to the north are playing in the FIFA worldcup, not that I know of. And to the South we don’t really have any neighbours, apart from a huge empty icey continent with some penguins on it.


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