Gender Politics Gone Too Far!

Typically our British friends with their totally overdone Politically Correctness and Genderama studies and all the other Millenial nonsense:

Girls will be girls … no more!

Okay, my personal opinion doesn’t matter. I’m still saying it since this is my own fuxn bloggy and I can do whatever in this thing, right? So I think pupils and students shouldn’t be forced to wear uniforms at all … anywhere in the world! When you put kidz in uniforms you get uniform adults. It indoctrinates teaches them from a very young age to obey, don’t ask critical  questions, don’t think for themselves and fall into gender typical behaviour. That might be great from a governmental POV but is bad for human development and progress as a species.

And now them politicos are, like, totally contradicting themselves: Until recently girls were not allowed to wear trousers to school, now their skirts are taken away as well. What does the education board want? Girls go to school in the nude? 🙂 Listen, I’m not a friend of putting girls in skirts (some of those more fat arsed female dwarfs really can’t wear them well anyway), but imagine, some of us really like to sometimes wear a nice mini skirt in summer … and now we can’t do that anymore because of some sick transgender fux?

Or are you afraid they might look better in female clothes than you?

Let them boyz wear skirts instead of pushing girls out of them.


      • Och, no, lassie! Those brawny lads are nae tranvestites – they’re SCOTSMEN! In Scotland, men hae been wearin’ the kilt aye for centuries. It made it more humilitatin’ when they beat the English up on the battlefield ta ken it was done by men wearing naught but kilts an’ knee socks below their byrnies.

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        • Love your skerrish accent, could listen to that slang for hours.
          So, they aren’t trannies but Scotsmen. That’s like saying someone ain’t a drunk, they are just Irish. 🙂


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