Installation of Linux Mint 19

Ahoy companeiros!

Joe Collins is a wonderful human being. Just in time of my Dual Booting stuff he made a video about installing Mint 19 on your hardware. And even better, just like me he’s not a fan of Dual Booting but tells you exactly why not. And he shows in this video how to install Mint on a piece of dedicated hardware.

Like it’s supposed to be!

Now fuck the shut up and watch!

See, it even says “Beginner” in the title. So this is the the video for y’all, this is the place you wanna be. Best thing is Joe is much nicer and much more patient than impatient and always angry Orca. He even explains the why and what you’re supposed to do stuff.

Now go out, get a fukn komputah, and install that shit on it!

And then let’s talk.


Also Joe shows you what to do once your Mint is installed. First steps n shit and all that. He’s very elaborate and not telegram style like Orca. A  very good and engaging watch.

Pheew, yes, I know that was a bit of Linuxy and particularly Minty overkill in the last couple days on this blog. Shows you how relevant Linux Mint is in the whole Linux ecosystem. Everybody should at least know about it so you don’t look like a dork when all your girlfriends start geeking out on the advantages of Linux over Winapple. You don’t wanna hang around in front of a door that will always remain closed for you. Hey, when those stupid cows start going off on Ubuntu or Lite or Antergos, Suse or Elementary, Solus, or Fedora, just say very calmly: “Ya know, girls, I’m an oldfashioned Minty user, you can take your halfbaked teenie shit and shove it! I stick with a real Linux for real people.” That should shut ’em up, the whole gaggle. 😉 Because it was prolly their boyfriends installing that showy complicated shit for them, while you have been truly empowered and installed your very own Linux OS on your very own dedicated hardware! Most sexy geek girl in town.

And you’ll be awesome!

And they’ll know. Oh, yes. They will know. =^.^=


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