Trap was Right!

Of course was she right!

I mean, Trap’s a software engineer or sumthing super geeky and Orca’s just a housewaifu. So today, in  a long and complicated operation, I lowered down all the ceilings from 6 meters to 4. Let’s see how that turned out:

Better Empire_001
Much lower ceiling heights make the whole build appear more spacious and wide …
Better Empire_002
… and not at all like too flat. Super! Also, what you think about my pillar/lights?

Please excuse my nekkidness, in some countries it’s called fanservice. 🙂 And in Orcablog you get it for free. LØL No, in fact even if it’s at least 24 hours ago, for Orca’s inworld time this was just a couple of minutes after she climbed out of Uccie’s pool. Still thinking about what to wear, and as long as that’s not decided,  I’m gonna stay au naturel. =^.^=


      • Oh my.

        1) Linux Mint ain’t new, it’s only the version 19 which was released just 2 days ago.
        2) It’s Linux (after its inventor Linus Torvalds), not Lenux.
        3) You’ll get it from the link I’ve posted:
        4) If you wanna install it on a spare PC, just create a bootable USB stick with the ISO on, or burn it on a blank DVD, and go from there. If you wanna dual boot with Windows, just follow my new series in which I’ll explainify the how-to. 🙂

        Best would be if you had a spare computer, some thing you can fuk about and delete and reformat and rape and burn as much as you want. So you won’t endanger the machine you’re on right now. You can even use an older PC, since the Mint team still makes 32-bit ISOs for stone age computers.
        Most easy desktop environment for when you’re coming from Windows would be the Mate DE. It’s also the best and most easy one to customize. So stay away from Cinnamon and Xfce.

        Most important tho: Have fun!


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