Slooowly, Very Slowly …

… my main – and only – structure in the Grand Empire of Orcadia takes shape. Don’t wanna brag but I think it looks quite ok-ish for my lowlow skill level. Look:


Fancy? No, not the least little bit. But multifunctional with garage, OrCafé, office, living space and rooftop onsen. And the whole building is only 26 prims by now. Of course it’s gonna be more, much more before it’s finished but I guess this is a real primsaver building, considerering its size.

The little Volkswagen camper is with 59 prims more than twice as heavy as the big house. So I guess I did quite well … until now. And, honestly, coming to think of it I guess I don’t even need to put much more prims into the building. Most of the stuff can be done with clever texturizing. After that of course a lot of primmy decoration and furniture but we’ll see about that later.



    • We’re not building for giant avatars, but we’re building for my giant \o/ EGO! \o/ løl
      And, come on, 6 meter ceiling height is quite normal in SL, is it not? Particulary with the stupid helicopter camera setting most avies have it’s almost a must if you don’t wanna clip out all the time.
      Also, my parcel may be small footprint, but has nearly unlimited height. 🙂


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