\o/ Linux Mint 19 Released! \o/


The bestest Linux operating system in the whole world have just released v19 of their super nice Linux. We were waiting for this release since weeks already.

I’ll show you how to get the goodies … probably tomorrow …

And when I say it’s super nice I really mean it! No sarcasm, no cynicism, no bitterness. No silly joke! Mint is beginners friendly without being a nanny, so you’ll work in the same system as professionals like Orcablog reader and commentator Jackie.

And that’s also why we will use said Linux Mint 19 to dual boot side by side with Windows. It doesn’t really matter, you know. Neither the Windows version nor which Linux distro you chose makes any difference, the process of Dual Booting is the same all over the board. But we’ll use Mint since it’s such a favourite of the masses and makes the best example. And you’ll end up in a really really usuable system with all the boxes checked and all amenities and luxuries on board.

No changes :/

Contrary to my earlier predictions, the release of Mint 19 didn’t cause an earthquake; at least not yet. Manjaro is still on the well-deserved #1 spot. Both distros are on the up and up tho. Due to DistroWatch’s way to determine the ranking (clicks on distro websites, not actual downloads) the whole chart can’t do much more than give us a rough trend and in no way reflects the reality out there in the Linuxverse.

Anyhoo, here are some videos about Linux Mint 19:



    • Hey Bob, cool that you liked your own comment but less cool to call me bro. I’m still a sis. Yes, you can meet girls even in the Linuxverse, it’s not that geeky and mancave-ish anymore. That’s why I try to get as many fellow housewifes away from WinAple as possible and join the revolution.


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