Uccie’s Seogyeo Woods Pool is Not an Onsen! :o

… but equally nice. 😉

Early 2007, n00bie Orca and her circle of n00bie friends used to hang out on the beach of *IOL, whenever we weren’t exploring the grid or went parachuting or went to events and exhibitions n stuff. Shopping? No, that wasn’t very high on anyone’s list back then. We simply had no money and no use for so much stuff anyway and found shopping a fukn waste of time. You think shameless Orca’s nekkid much too often? You should have seen me back then! =^.^= This frugality is hardly imaginable in the shallow times of SL in the second decade of the millenium. People don’t even go shopping anymore, they just buy fatpacks of everything directly from the SL Marketplace. :/

But I digress. Ucello Poultry was already an oldbie back then, and was one of the mostest admired officers of the IOL staff. And she was the posterchild of cool and a rolemodel for us all! She could build! And she built all the cool stuff on IOL. That just  to clarify why I still love her today.

Seogyeo Woods

While I was routinely checking Uccie’s blog today, I noticed she didn’t just build a public pool in Bay City but made a little watery paradise on a small parcel, she and her partner Angie have built for relaxing and sexy times. Since Uccie explicitly wrote that their land and pool is open to the public I was at Seogyeo Woods not even five minutes later …

No, Seogyeo Woods ain’t an onsen but just a pool. But a special pool with some history, and rebuilt – as much as I could figure out – by utilizing magic fairy powers!
Unfortunately there are no “relaxing in the pool” anims, only “relaxing by the pool”. But those are very nice, and for singles and couples.
This is the only anim I could find for normal relaxing in the pool.

But we have many much shower anims, all very nice. Eventhough the water is probably icey cold. 😮  *Shriek!!!*

A wonderful little pond, lovely decorated with plants and wildlife, is almost even nicer than the pool itself. I love the wooden bench with so many anims, again, for couples and singles.
I could hang out here for a couple more hours. Alas blogging duty calls so I have to sign off.

VERDICT: No! Just no! I can’t and won’t judge this setup. Uccie and Angie’s private pool is private, and we should be happy there is no security orb ready to kick us out or a banline that won’t even let us get in. Only so much, I’ve been to official onsens as you can find them in SL Search, and many of them weren’t as half as nice as the Seogyeo Woods pool.

*IOL = Isle of Lesbos. The most famous hangout for queer girls back then.



  1. the Seogyeo land is open to all, we do request that the cabin on the upper portion not be intruded into, but the rest is open to the public, we have a couple “private areas” that are on LL land, and if we wish for solitude, we go there, but feel free to stop by anytime!

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  2. Pleased as punch that you visited! Drop by anytime, And I’m very flattered by your comments. Lesbos was a group effort, really, and that includes all the ladies that were part of the IOL family. Like you!!

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    • My effort to IOL was merely a grouphug and groupfuck thing. In accordance with what us nöøbies did back then. =^.^=
      The grouphugs have always been a blast, particularly on – was it tuesdays? – days when LL shut the whole grid down for maintenance. We assembled down by the beach, entered the circle and waited for the world to end. And a minute later we all met again in the forum and speculated about how long SL will be dark this time. Or if it’ll ever come back. 😉 I also seem to remember that the mood in forum became more nervous and negative the longer the lights out phase took. When the regular 2 hours turned into 3, sometimes 4 or even more hours. Rebellion brewed up in the forum.
      Those where the days, my friend. I wonder if we’ll ever get this atmosphere of togetherness and community back in SL. Prolly not.

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          • Not that I believe in an “economy God” or anything like that. Just, from observation, many people out there like the idea of a life in which one can do things not possible in RL. Over a million people were here for that before, and they’ll show up again, in their fancy sneakers and 16Gb, eight-core systems, the little shits.

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            • 16 GB of yummy RAM and 8-core procis are cool. I’d love to have one please. I can do without the sneakers tho, haven’t worn any of mine in years as I’m in flip flops and hiking sandals year-round. Also wanna avoid being called a little shit. If anything I’m The Giant Heap of Caca!!!


    • Oh yeah, they’re doing great. Couple years ago I met them hanging out on L-shaped Sea while I was busy sailing from Sea of Fables to Bay City, where Uccie is also kinda community leader and builder. And lately I noticed them both being at home when I briefly TPd into their Seogeyo private bath. So I quickly mousied awayyyy…

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