Seriously Building Now!

Ohayo, fellow SL dwellers,

no soaking in hotspring water today since I’ve decided to finally get really busy with the building of my new empire. Of course I didn’t achieve half of what I had planned …

Didn’t come far today: Glass panels on 2 sides and 1 column was all I managed to build today.

… because my good old friend, the English refugee to France, Sammie, and me had a little IM conference. What’s new with her? Girl got finally rid of her crappy old Apple iShit and computes now on a relatively fit Alienware lappy (yay!) with Windows 10 on it (yuck :(). And, yes, you guessed right, poor little Sam don’t dare kicking Win in the bin and put a real OS – for example Linux – on it. Grrr… Shit, girl. This is your chance! She self-confessed about knowing shit about Win10, so what better time than right now, to do the switcheroo over to Linux. She could’ve spared all the trubbel of trying to learn how to compute with Windows. In Linux she would feel much more at home, than on Windows, I can promise her that much.

But what I could at least get her into was to try a dual boot configuration. Y’all know that I’m usually against that shit, but if that’s the only way to get little cowardly housewifes like Sammie over to the light side, then so be it.

I’ll try to set up a full dual boot system (Win7 + Linux Mint) during the day and document it as good as I can here in the blog. Wish me luck. And who knows, maybe Samlara Vintner isn’t the only hopeful new candidate who desperately wants to hang on to her Windows lifeline. :/ All you housewifeys must learn to have more fun! Installing Linux and then going back to Windows is no biggie. It ain’t fun neither but it hurts only just a tiny little bit. And hopefully you’ll find Linux a cool alternative and see no need to go back to Win, or keep it on your HDD as dual boot option. See it as what it truly is: A fukn waste of precious space.

Laterzzz… xoxoxox


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