Dualbooting Windows & Linux, Pt. 1

This is a new series on Thar She Blows!, inspired by my friend Samlara Vintner and hopefully of some use for my general readership. But first, before we go into medias res, some disclaimers:

  • I would not recommend Dual Booting two different operating systems on one computer. But not because of technical difficulties but for reasons I will elaborate on, further down.
  • I’m also not a fan of using Virtual Machines for the same effect. The preparation alone is a rather geeky enterprise. Yes, TrYC and Triumphal owner and personal friend and co-blogger Trapez Breen once wrote wonderful illustrated instructions on how to install Linux on your Windows PC via Virtual Machine but it looked pretty complicated.


Now let us start with the beginning. I know y’all have Windows 10 installed on your computers, for me the adventure starts with installing Windows 7 (it’s the last one I got) on one of my test machines. Since I don’t have any personal data on any of my testers I can format the hard drive in a format Windows can read and work with.


After frantically browsing through my last couple hundreds data CDs and DVDs I finally find the Win7 installation medium. Also luckily we still have one PC with a DVD drive. What a fortunate incident. Now I only need to teach the computer’s BIOS to boot from said DVD drive. Pfff… :/


Now I need to reformat the HDD in NTFS format, so special snowflake Windows can stomach the installation. Then it all gets easy peasy and I just need to confirm that everything in my Windows install shall be German and type in my name and the name of the PC and stuff …


I really don’t wanna accept the licence agreement with an unsanitary corporation like Microsoft. But since 1) Windows won’t install without my acceptance, and 2) hey, I’ve bought this copy of Win 7 for real Woolongs. Now it’s mine and mine alone and I can sign the papers. 😉


Ugh gaaawd! 😦 Windows at its finest. No internet connection without typing in our top secret username and number and all the credentials we got from our ISP. I feel less and less like really putting that schmutz on my good Linux test machine.

2 hours later and I’m still not connected. In the always so safety biased and sensitive Linux stupid easy stuff like connecting to the interwebz goes kinda automatically, Windows otoh prefers to throw some sticks between my legs. For today I guess I’ve suffered quite enuff and shut down. Got important TV series to watch.

All this shit should go pretty easily and fast if that sucker Windows wasn’t involved in the process. But seeing it became quite an important part of the whole operation we can’t kill it. At least not yet. But I can assure you, if any Linux distro would act up like Windows, I would kill the shit before it even installs and contaminates my good PC.

Cya again tomorrow, hopefully, when I show you how to download and install Linux Mint 19 and dual boot it with Windows. Emphasis on hopefully. :/

And since we didn’t get far today and haven’t even started with the real operation, let me explainify why I think Dual Booting Windows and Linux is a bad idea: The moment you run into your first problem with Linux, you switch over to Windows. You’ve got work to do, and SL to play, so there’s no time to geek out over Linux problems, right? So next time you log in toWindows directly and don’t even try Linux. Believe me, I was there, I did the same, didn’t get the t-shirt tho. 🙂

I really needed my loving hubby’s efforts to talk some real bad conscience into me before I finally picked up Linux again. Not only that: Hubby was only satisfied after I reformatted the whole hard drive and installed Linux again. And this time as the sole OS. Two days later I was a pro on Linux and never wanted to return to Windows. And that is still my stance today! Now I can’t be the hubby for all of yous, can’t administer tuff love, so you really got to be hard on yourself once you have successfully established a Dual Booting machine.

And then get rid of the Windows BS as soon as possible!



  1. There are legit reasons to dual boot however. I work from home mon-fri during the day and my entire office is on Windows and the company uses things like Photoshop and some other proprietary software for the inbound phone system and such. So since i need a good machine for work and play and cannot afford two super awesome work stations, my primary rig is dual boot..I boot into windows for work, reboot into Linux when I punch out of work. It has not caused me to stay on Windows one second longer than I need to, and my company is not going to change their entire work flow because Jackie wants to use Linux when they wouldn’t even know how to install it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a super legit reason, Jackie.
      Why your employer doesn’t supply you with a Windows workstation when they deem it necessary that you work on Windows remains a riddle tho. They are forcing you to install Microsoft’s crappola on your own private machine?That’s against all tariff contracts and union regulations. And it’s invading your private life, something employers are forbidden to do… at least where I come from it is. :/

      Anyhoo I hope I can connect my “new” Windows computer to the internetz tomorrow so we can look into downloading and installing Linux side on side with Windows on the hard drive. OMG, I’ll need to purchase a blank DVD to put the ISO on, since I have no idea how to make an installable USB thumb drive.
      Why does everything need to be so super complicated in Windows?


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