The World Sailing Show – July 2018

Ahoi, sailors of SL and RL, here’s your monthly overview of all the things going on in the world of sailing:

This month’s highlights:

00:52 Volvo Ocean Race – The closest and the fastest

06:35 The GC32s double bill – Lake Garda & Barcelona

08:23 Golden Globe preparations

11:07 The 2018 52 SuperSeries gets underway

16:47 Volvo Ocean Race part 2

19:49 Aarhus Sailing World Championships preview Pt2

WSS1807Enough of that old and tired Volvo crappola, I’m closely following the sexy TP52 Super Series instead. Also looking forward to the GC Extreme Sailing on Lake Garda/Italy. No, I’ve not become a fan of the fukn multihulls but have fond memories of super speedy windsurfing on that lake. A girl, a sleeping bag, a van full of boards and sails … sometimes I wish the 80s and my youth would be back. 😉


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