My ‘Hood

While I was playing around with my onsen construction site today …


… and admired the cool new animated water texture, I noticed an interesting little village a bit up the hill from my place.


This is the Second Life Left Unity! Obviously not even the bullshit americanized definition of “left” but real socialists. Very good people!


They have a stage …


… and party area. And they somehow don’t like Trump.


Look, they even got a Marxist library. I like these people.


Political correctness everywhere.


Of course they have a sound and tight anticapitalist ideology. \o/ YAY! \o/


And supporting good causes and freedom fighters everywhere.


But why are they now supporting those brainless chicks of Pussy Riot and are angry at our hero, Vladimir Putin? That goes straight above my fukn head. :/


Aha, feminists! So we can’t expect any real politics being made in this village. 😦


But isn’t it a positive sign for a better future how straightlaced and totally free of sarcasm, irony and humour they are? Adorable. They really mean what they say. No sexy revolutionaries here. Absolutely adorable!


The not-so-shiny village on the hill. I like my new neighbors. No, really, I do.

And here’s something I stealered from the profile of one of these socialist fighters, Agnes Sharple (51219bf0-e2df-496f-85de-98f63d46693d):

Amen brother!


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