Update Day!


I told you guys about some confusion with missing updates to my operating system, right? And how the Namib GNU/Linux distro’s main (and only?) dev, frederic2ec, promised to send an update through the past week. So I was watching the little update icon in my panel turning from white to red, indicating a fresh update available for download …


Of course nothing happened. :/

I should’ve known better. Should’ve stuck with my good old Manjaro system instead of switching to a virtually unknown Arch distro by a one-man operation. Frederic obviously found a gf or a new hobby or something better than spending his time hunched behind a computer, churning out a perfect little distro for just a handful people. Anyway, let’s just wait a couple more days,

However, yesterday I decided I didn’t wanna have the usual English/USA language packet as secondary language packet anymore but switch to the real English, the English/UK packet. But, haha, no can’t do my computer said. 😦 Can only do that with your system up-to-date, stupid Orca! So, yes, total confusion in my brainbox. How am I supposed to have an up-to-date system when the fukn dev won’t send the promised update, ffs?

Then it dawned on me: Why don’t I try the manual update route via Terminal and command line. Quick and easy sudo pacman Syyuu will tell me exactly if there is an update or not. And indeed there was! Quite a big huge fat update with a multimillion gigaquirks of fresh data, even a new Linux kernel (4.17-2) was waiting for me. Obviously the good old Frederic had just forgotten to send the signal to his users and the update icon stayed white.

But man, what a relief, my super distro is still going strong, and after the latest update even better than ever before. To commemorate this happy occurance I immediately installed a new wallpaper for my collection.


Oh guys, you know I’m a Linux fan, a Arch Linux fan, particularly a Mate desktop fan, and having all that packed into one nice and easy distro is like heaven for this girl, as I’m not the most geeky person on earth but love to have my stuff on easy housewife level and reliably strong and stable. And exactly that condition is reached once again. 🙂

Why am I telling you this? Just because. Because I can. This is my blog and I’m like kinda big deal on this blog, so I write whatever I fukn fancy! 🙂 And of course to remove the fear of the unknown and the fog and the uncertainty from you. Linux is easypeasy, and Linux is good. Good for you. And if you are already on some or the other Linux distribution, come on, don’t be an Ubuntu sheeple no more, hop on over to the Archy side. It’s not as geeky as you might fear. It even says Fast & Simple on the homepage. Orca does it. And so can you!

Come on, join the coolest kidz on the Linux block!



  1. Hi, I just seen your post and I want to post a quick update. No I didn’t stop working on the update. If you have seen the GitHub I have worked a week straight to update all the package. But a VirtualBox bug enter in the arena an I lost 2 days figuring out the problems. I have published 2 testing ISO on the sourceforge(for intern testing) so you can access it. I have finished mostly all the ISO. It’s should be ready this week if I don’t any other trouble.

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    • Merci beaucoup Fred, but I never look at GitHub, just update from the desktop. And I don’t need to download a new ISO, since I’m very very happy with what I got now. And as long as the updates are rolling along I have no intention of ever changing my environment. Namib Arch Linux + Mate = Perfection!

      I will probably test your other DEs for the blog but I have no intention of seriously using them. Tried most other desktops in the past and they were just not right for me. Xfce is too primitive and clunky, Gnome is OMfG so bad, KDE is way over my head, and so on …

      Ciao xoxoxo


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