Cape Town in the Fog

This is a good illustration of how local politics work in our brave city at the far end of the world …


Often it’s quite the other way round; We suburbians are engulfed in deep fog while the city center enjoys the sun. Today it was our revenge. Anyway, today was a weird day. I snapped this photo when I was just leaving the complex to run some errands.

Five minutes later on a deserted road between some construction sites I had to brake pretty hard in  order not to kill a herd of goats. 😮 Don’t ask me where they were coming from. Usually you expect such stuff further out in the countryside, not in the middle of bustling suburbia. I was so perplex I totally forgot to make another photo of that wannabe roadkill.

Hour later, on my way home, I saw my least favourite shop signage ever:


World of Windows? WTF??? Can’t escape Microsoft’s greedy fingers anywhere. 😮 Can’t resist big business’s advertising campaigns. This is why only 3% of computer users are on Linux. 😦 All the rest of you poor hapless sheeples are still falling for their garbage. 😦


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