Berry Super Star!

Now here, look at this!

My little Berry is an international Super Star now!

See? Haven’t I told you that our little fruity girl would make it far and go places? Now the Berry has made it ouside of the realm of SL. But why? you might ask. What’s that fukn muslima doing so differently compared to all the other thousands of Second Life fashion and design bloggers?

I’ll tell you what: Intelligence and an incredible amount of talent and, not at least, a lot of work and perseverance. And reliability. Berry delivers blog stories like clockwork. If she can’t find anything to report about, she amuses us with one of her little memes. The show must go on. When Orca doesn’t feel like blogging and/or can’t find anything to blog about she just doesn’t blog on that day. She just doesn’t give half a fuk. That – apart from other things – is why nobody knows Orca and her bloggy.

Strawberry Singh otoh follows a totally different route. She built her blog with patience and great care. She even makes SL videos on YouTube and cooperates with other big names from our not-so-little world. And she usually doesn’t use 3 letter words that start with F. Guess that’s helpful in these pc times we live in now. That’s how you establish your name and make it a brand! Did you know that little Berry makes money from blogging? Strange and weird … but true!

Berry child, my daughter, congratz on your success. Momma Orca* is so fukn proud of you! 🙂

Berry’s iconic self portrait

* I can say so, since I’m in fact older than Berry.


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