Awesome Gifts for Us!

Ohayo peepels!

It’s not often that the birthday child is handing out gifts and prezzies instead of getting them. But from time to time it happens. All the more awesome if the gift giver is our glorious server host Linden Lab!

And since Inara, Jo and Daniel, my most reliable sources regarding everything Second Life, all three of ’em reported about this independently from each other, it must be true. What? you ask.

Well this!

Since 10 years or longer we were asking for lower tiers, now finally LL reacted.

Should The Ineptness, aka Linden Lab, finally have come to their senses and developed something like a sound business mind? Naaaw, I guess it’s the usual whimsy half-baked idea “because it’s our 15th burfday n shit!” or something along those lines that triggered them to drastically lower the tiers. Maybe it was also a steady decline of user numbers that caused this hectic activity all of a sudden?

But it’s not all gold that glitters, as Daniel Voyager found out:

Tier 15% down, L$ value up 150%

Now that’s what I call a compensation. 😮


Jo Yardley mentions the more expensive Linden Dollar in just a short sentence. Same as LL, who tries it with a cheap rhetoric trick:

In addition? Really, LL, really?

In addition to lower prices we also raised them! Whaaaaaaa…? Excuse me please, English isn’t my mother tongue BUUUT! wouldn’t that be Contrary to dropping prices on land …”?

If they hadn’t wasted all the good shiny money into a sinkhole like the stillborn project Sansar there’d be no need to artificially raise the prices. A completely nonsensical approach in the first place, particularly when you’re tring to get the SL economy becoming stronger again. There is nothing that reflects a value of 1.49 US$ in a simple transaction. It’s exactly the other way round: With shitty stupid moves like this you’re killing the SL economy.

Jus’ sayin’



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