Inara and The Lab

Notice always when I write The Lab with a Capital The there is meant one specific Lab: Of course I’m talking ’bout Linden Lab, our glorious hosts in the virtual world of Second Life. And who better to disseminate newnesses of this somehow special Lab than my even gloriouserer fellow bloggerista Inara Pey of Living in a Modem World? I often thought she must have the bestest contacts to the Linden Lab, maybe a sleeper agent or somebody inside the organisation. For example see my reblog of her original blog about everything SL15B. I really wondered why and how does she know all that? Was there a top secret memo that I didn’t get, or what?

And, haha, not even a couple hours later not one but even two emails by The Lab had tumbled into my inbox … WHOA! So wonderblogger Inara posted about something even before The Lab themselves posted it! Whoa again!

Anywaaaaay …

Here’s the latest info dump from Inara

And here’s the original blog by The Lab:

And here’s The Lab’s own advertisement of upcoming attractions

To be fair it’s gotta be said that my access to this computer was blocked for at least half the day since hubby was watching half a dozen of world cup games and I didn’t feel like doing serious blogwork on the side. So maybe I’m a couple hours late and just catching up now … at fukn 4:30 in the fukn morning! 😮 It’s so nice to work with professionals! I feel like being in the loop again. 😉

Professional Labbers: Laurel Linden, Hardy Linden, Keaton Linden and Chaplin Linden


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