SL15B: fifteen years and counting!

All things regarding SL15B slipped right by my ass and I only noticed today that the celebrations have already begun. Inara Pey and her best-informed blog to the rescue. So I’m lazily just reblogging a post with all the important info, timetables and slurls. Enjoy.
Oh, and as always: When you go to any SL15B event please be so nice and make photos and collect infos n shit and send all the stuff to your friendly editrix for publishing.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The SL15B Cake Stage

The first part of the celebrations for Second Life’s 15th anniversary opened on Sunday, June 17th, when the SL15B Community Celebration regions opened to the public.

Events within the 24 regions will run from Sunday, June 17th through until Sunday, June 24th, with the Big Day, marking the original opening of Second Life to the public at large, far back in June 2003, taking place on Saturday, June 23rd. After the main celebrations, the regions will remain open for visitors from Monday, June 25th through Sunday, July 1st, although there will be no formal events during this period.

The SL15B (animated) Serpent Stage

As befitting a 15th anniversary, the theme for this year’s community celebration is crystal, so expect to see a good few builds within the regions reflecting this – and possible watches and timepieces as well, given these are often gifts associated with 15th…

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