Shields@Noon – June 16th, 2018

After a break following my little accident I am good enough to return to business in SL 🙂

Only Paul and Moon showed this week, and I had a passenger that was learning the basics in racing.

First race was a disaster: Paul missed 1st mark and gave up when realised his mistake; After 1st lap, I lost boat control (spammed by boat’s script errors) and had to give up too). And Moon, seeing he was alone, abandoned also.

Second race was better, just a weird thing to me. Moon took leathership just after start and never gave a chance to us. Paul arrived in 2nd place, ever chasing Moon.

My passenger crashed, but her phanthom stayed in boat, sitting at Stb. This unbalanced my boat when we were at Port, so I was slower during about half the race. I think I did great, with this handicap.

Sorry, no pics this week.

Partial June rank:

One comment

  1. “Sorry, no pics this week.”

    According to your report you had a stressful race and no time for taking snapshots anyway. You are back! And you are healthy! That’s all that matters now.


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