Stonehenge Onsen Revisited

Ohayō gozaimasu, my dear fellow pool users.

Maybe you remember my first visit to the Onsen at Stonehenge, which happened more than a year ago. Oh my. 😮 Do I really expect you to think so far back? And even more shocking, do I really make my onsen reviews since that long in the past? And Stonehenge wasn’t even my first rodeo, so to say.

Anyhoo, today I went there again and noticed some changes, beginning with Stonehenge is located in a completely different sim these days, and not ending with it being a totally different setup. But on with the story:

I arrive at the onsen in darkness. Not my fault, it’s the recomended WL setting by the onsen owner Clint Sweetwater
Doesn’t matter, the entrances to the dressing rooms for queens and litle boys are clearly marked, so not even stupid Orca can miss it.
The WL setting /*Sky: “[TOR] NIGHT- Northern Lite” Water: “[TOR] Trandshan”*/ is a bit problematic for photos but makes a nice atmosphere.
At my first visit last year I was disappointed by the lack of usable features and anims. That has changed by now.
A whole lot of sunbathing anims are ready for the user. Also some couples poses, which I won’t show you … for obvious reasons. 😉
But the best is that Clint got rid of the big happy balls but the anims are all hidden in the furniture. Looks much much nicer now.
Feeling like a sexy photo model. =^.^= It’s not really appropriate for a traditional Japanese onsen. But what is traditional in SL? What does it even mean. Ppl wanna fuk, so Clint – like so many other bathhouse owners – gives them the tools. 🙂
Windlight is a bit too dark for a centerfold photo. :/
But all the single poolside anims are nicely done and very welcoming for total relaxation.
But then tradition and peace and quiet is thrown out of the window as my avie does some water jumps. \o/
But mostly I can chill in the hot water. Gokuraku …
Okeee, I guess this wasn’t planned. Usually your hair isn’t supposed to touch the water. Onsen is no swiming pool ffs!
As nice as this underwater anim looks, in RL this is a nono. In SL we’re happily playing. 😉
Tssk tssk!
Last time the Stonehenge onsen didn’t have any of the Japanese bathing paraphernalia. This time it’s much better equiped.
Then I notice Clint Sweetwater, the onsen owner is around and we talk for a bit.
When I compalin about the dark WL clever Clint tells me to use my own light setting. I find that a bit uhm since I prefer to review any place with the WL as the owner wants us to experience it.
But yeah, why not switching on the sun? Gives us more light to see… Eeeeps! 😮
Outside of the bathhouse we find an automated convenience store. That is now really typical Japanese. I rather like the quirkyness of this arrangement. =^.^=

CONCLUSION: The Onsen at Stonehenge has become much more betterer in all aspects since my first visit there. What I didn’t like too much was the super dark Windlight and again only very few soaking in the water poses and anims. There is a whole pool side featuring big rocks, but no anims that let you sit in the water there. The rest is top notch. So if you, like me, were a bit disappointed by your first visit to Stonehenge Onsen, please give this new iteration of the bathhouse another chance.


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