So Far …

… so good. 😉


/me’s actually quite happy with the outcome so far. Used 14 prims and have quite a huge structure. And have only a tiny little bit of the driveway hanging over onto Linden land. I wouldn’t know a single roadside parcel owner who doesn’t do the same. And as long as the base of the offending prim is on my land it doesn’t even count against LL primcount. They should be so happy anyway, about all us premium members making use of our new 512 extra tier and turning the mainland from a wasteland into something liveable again.

Will probably leave the blue wall opaque since there isn’t a beautiful view onto the neighbour’s bonanza. But will most probably turn the green wall into generous window panes from 1st storey upwards. Oh, no fear, those colours are just for editing purposes, the build will be properly textured. But that’s a task for later or tomorrow. Or never if I suddenly get another cool idea.


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