My Namib GNU/Linux

[​IMG]I have a little problem with my otherwise so fancy operating system: No upates since like 2 weeks! While that wouldn’t be of any concern if I was computing on Debian or Ubuntu, in Arch it’s a bit different. Depending on the agressivity of your update policy settings, as an ArchLinux user you can get up to 6 updates/day! But in the last two weeks there was nothing! Not a thing going on, no sign of life. :/

Oh my. Could it be, that like so many other small distro projects, the devs of this very young and fresh distro have already given up?

And now, something beautiful comes into play: The fact that the dev of Namib GNU/Linux isn’t Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or some other faceless microserve but a nerdy schoolboy from Quebec/Canada, we have direct access to him. That’s one of the coolest things about all the Linuxy lifestyle: Direct access to every information. No need for senseless speculation.

So, Orca just sent an email to frederic2ec, the owner and head honcho of Namib GNU/Linux:

On Thu, Jun 14, 2018, 4:55 AM Orca Flotta, <> wrote:

Hey Frederic,

almost 2 weeks sice I received the last update. Is something wrong?
Usually upstream Arch sends out many more updates, and in shorter
intervalls. Sometimes 6 times a day. But during the last 2 weeks there
was nothing.

I’m very concerned and don’t wanna lose this fine distro.

Merci beaucoup

Orca =^.^=

And I promptly received an answer. Directly from the horse’s mouth, so to say:


The last two weeks I was busy with school and exam and I didn’t have time for updating the distro. I finished school yesterday so the update will come back in the week and the next ISO too.
Thank you
[​IMG]So you see there’s a certain charme to the fact that your software supplier isn’t a stupid multimillionaire but just a geeky kid with mad skillz, operating out of momma’s basement. Yes, it can be risky and time has shown many many Linux distros disappearing from the scene after a short while for a whole myriad of reasons; most of them of private nature. Be it that there was some super job opportunities for the developer, or a gf or spouse with demands (less likely as we’re talking about geeks here). Otoh Linux distros come cheaper by the dozen, so even if Namib should close its doors on us, we’ll find a suitable replacement inside of five minutes.

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