Get It Right, Do It Yourself!

Uhm, errrm … no.

I know already I won’t get it right, and even if, I only know how to build badly with oldstyle prims. Could be done much more eloquently with meshes. But I’m much too lazy to learn that skill. Although in that restriction lies also a fascinating task:

Build my new multifunctional Blog Office-Garage-Danceclub-OrCafè building with as few prims as possible. And make it better than the one I glued together on the platform above Triumphal.

So I just started with some basic primdoodling …


Office building with 3 floors. Only 4 prims. I’m good, no?

My very rough idea is to have a parking deck on ground floor, OrCafé in the middle, Thar She Blows! editorial office above that … and maybe private dwellings and a roof garden even above that. I don’t really wanna go skyscraper … but a girls has needs, right?


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