Yeah … football. Hooo and Weee and all that jazz. 😦 In case you’re living under a rock the fukn football world champion thingamajig was just opened in Moscow, with a match of epic proportions when football giants Rossija and Saudi Arabiatta were fighting it out.

Russians were needlessly nervous in the beginning, and even after the 2:0 they did what Russians always do: They went into defensive mode and let the aggressors come at them instead of showing some offensive moves themselves.

Maybe you’ve guessed it, that I’m not a huge fan of that sport. Basically of no sport that happens on grass, in arenas or halls. Coz they don’t go anywhere, and everybody ends up in the same location where they started. That irks me. Sport, like life itself, should be a journey.

Anyhoo, guess I’m gonna post less in the coming weeks since hubby commandeered my super computer and watches the games on my giant 24″ screen. That fecker. His laptops can’t be small enough … but when it’s about media consumption he’ll sit quite happily in front of my screen.

A walk in the park for Russia. A duty victory. 5:0 was in the realm of what everybody was expecting. What would’ve been a spectacular win against every other team, against the Saudis it was just meh. Just another day at the office.

So just that you know: King Football will rule the world for the next couple weeks and your favourite blog became a victim of the circumstances. “But Orca”, I hear you object, “don’t you have 3 desktop computers? So why aren’t you using one of the others to blog while hubby watches the footie?” It’s not that easy, my beautiful friends. Because if it were it would be easy. But it isn’t. Our interwebz connection is still Adsl and we’re still waiting on being connected to the glorious fiber. So the worldcup stream turns bad often enough as it is. Were I surfing and posting on the side I guess it would all go bust. From being proud members of the pretty bad 240p club going to  the old stop n buffer internetz. 😮

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