We Love Rain!

If you’ve followed my concerned posts about the very bad drought and water crisis here in Cape Town you can probably understand why I’m so excited about the rain we’re getting more frequently now. Yes, it seems like we’ll be having a real rainy season this year. Well, hopefully.

But today was a bit different …

Around 6:00 o’clock-ish me notices a flash outside my window.

Me peeks thru the curtain and sees all the trees swinging in the very strong wind all of a sudden.

Me notices the thunder following the flash.

Heavy rain sets in!

Me goes like: “YAY!”

Me hopes for a little surprise storm.

Me storms into the lounge to get a better view of the outside world.

Me opens the door to step onto the terrace and …


… me goes: “Oh shiiiii…!” 😮

That wash load had dried almost completely. 😦


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