Onsen @Tohoku

Completely frustrated with my building and plans for my parcel on Route 12 on Nautilus, I decide to do something relaxing and calming … yes, you guessed it. Advanced soaking in a nice SL onsen is the order of the day. So with total gokuraku on my mind I open the Search function and clicker on Tohoku, which is a “Japanese small town” RP community first and foremost, but also supposed to be home to a natural hot spring onsen.

Cool, I’m still wearing my bikini so let’s TP right awayyyyy…

Although the RP town is freely accesible and on the mainland continent of Jeogeot, the landing point is high up in the sky. From here we TP back down to ground level.

Modern day Japanese small town with a fun and fair RP system.
We are hiring for many school positions, also accepting new students!

Police, Fire, Onsen, Ryokan, High School, slice-of-life, anime friendly

In the town we leave the TP train and try to find the onsen …
… which is located hidden wedged in behind an empty school building.
No signage shows us which of the two pools is for girlies and which is for the mighty samurai, so I just go in …
… the one that offers at least, despite the absence of any of the typical onsen paraphernalia, a little bit of bathing culture by offering us two outdated poseballs.
Mind you, they aren’t even anims but just still poses. But okay, the pools are reasonably well made, the steam effect and water surface texture are outstandingly cool.

Yes, I know quite well that Tohoku is an anime friendly RP town, biased on Japanese high school life, so the onsen is just another build in the setup and not the main attraction. I don’t wanna judge the RP business of the sim owners but the rest of the town looked like mostly empty facades. Even the high school was nothing but an empty shell. We’ve all seen better, didn’t we?

But the onsen was particularly disapointing. Why make two pools but only put two – and such very lame – poses in one of them? And why tuck it away in the last corner of the sim, where nobody ever goes? The onsen doesn’t even have an entrance from one of the village streets. Your clever editrix found it only because of her highly specialized detective skills.

My Verdict: That whole setup of Tohoku made a very unfinished, unpolished impression on me. After the two nicely done train stations one expects more. The mainroad only had a small handful (empty) shops, and no places to hang out, the high school was nothing but an empty shell and the onsen was totally out of place.

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