OMG! :(

Oh grrrr … Now will you look at this?


When your editrix logged in world this wonderful sunny morning and wanted to start working on her build and her parcel, she decided to have a look at the inside of the main garage building …

FUK! OMG! 😮 I can’t terraform this part of the garage since it’s not on my parcel. 😦 So wot I’m gonna do now? Either getting rid of some parts and seriously downsize … or just be happy that nothing has been returned yet and live with a green hill in my house.

Hmmm… :/

But first … breakfast!



  1. Good idea, my Lezbian girlfriend. 🙂
    But I fear that parcel won’t let me build anything. No, it won’t. It’s owned by the guy who sold me my parcel and his group doesn’t allow anybody to do shit on that parcel. The garage’s rootprim is on my land proper and it just overhangs onto his land. That why it don’t get returned. Hey, I’m not stingy, I’d buy that parcel too buuuut that would bring me into a new tier category and I’d had to pay for 4096 or sumfink. And hubby would kill his spoiled little spouse. I hope we can all agree that would be a fukn shame, innit? 😮


    • Boring … and fucking DEAD!!! 😮
      Thats not an admirable state of being, cause it’s a state of non-being. Must avoid that since I pretty much prefer to be something, just anything, over not being at all.


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