Manjaro Made It!

See, that’s so typical Orca: I was with Manjaro Linux for quite some years and went with this distro as it slowly climbed up the in the DistroWatch ranking. Then I switched to Namib GNU/Linux and Manjaro’s popularity exploded and it climbed onto the coveted #1 spot. I hope there is no correlation between both incidents. 😮

Story of my life I guess. :/

Leader of the pack!

Whoa! Manjaro pushed even the adorable Mint off its throne! And we’ve all thought Mint was cemented in the #1 place and would never ever be moved anywhere else. Well, I guess Manjaro has reached a stage of maturity combined with stability and ease of use, not yet reached by any other Arch-based Linux distro. So their top position is well deserved.

I do also think that this situation will be temporary and Mint will be back on #1 at the end of the month when they will release version 19 … and when in July LMDE3 will join their line-up. I don’t care much, and the ranking doesn’t reflect the installed numbers … but as long as “the fight” happens exclusively between Manjaro and Mint I’m a happy camper either way. They pushed fukn Ubuntu down to #3 and with some luck, we can hopefully welcome Debian back in that place and push Ubuntu further down to #4. Hehe. 😉

Just to get these things into perspective: Ubuntu and Mint are supposedly easy to grasp Linux systems, made with the beginner in mind, while Manjaro, as a ArchLinux spin, is not at all concerned with n00bs and user friendliness. In other words: Manjaro is a crass outsider in the ecosystem of Linux distributions. And it has surpassed not only Ubuntu but Mint as well. That’s as if suddenly the majority of Toyota Corollas in your city would be replaced with Ferraris!


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