Orca Garage

Today I was in world again and demolished the old factory to replace it with my old old Killer Garage build. Was not easy to find it back in my inventory, since it’s 6 years ago I used it. But eventually …


Tadaa! My favourite bike garage, workshop and dance club. In other words: A kinda new OrCafé. Just in humble. The parcel is a bit small for the whole build. It consists of two buildings, and a scrapyard with shipping containers, which caused me to generously overbuild onto abandones parcels, now owned by the Lindens. 55 prims, which leaves me with plenty prims to rez bikes and other shit. Thank you very much LL. 🙂

Same build in November 2012

Tomorow I’ll start with texturing my platform and see what I can do with deco stuff … And it woud be nice if I can convince my neighbour to repaint his fukn neon green wall. 😮


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