A Rant

The first step into the Linux ‘verse is for many people also the last stop. 😦

… about GNU/Linux, or rather about its users, if I may. Don’t worry, SL based reporting will continue soonish. But first I need to get this off my chest:

Are people stupid? Lazy? So uptight and squared off in their thoughts, they don’t see the forest for the trees? Sometimes it seems so. Indeed. So that Linux thing is now, in 2018, officially a thing. It’s out of the freak/geek/nerd corner. Heck, even housewifes are into Linux these days. So when a certain Orca sometimes states that Linux is in the Public Domain, she really means something more by it: Linux is in the public mind, and if you haven’t spent the last twenty years trudged under a rock, you must surely have heard about Linux and maybe even know what it’s all about. Even if you’re a WinApple user, and generally pretty clueless. Right?

Better believe it: Deepin is super simple and easy.

So I wonder how and why are so many people still using objectively bad Linux distributions? They once opened their minds, they mustered the courage, they dared the jump from the corporate computing world to Free and Open Source Software, onto GNU/Linux … and they did all of five minutes of research and they found Ubuntu … and since that one glorious day, the one moment of clarity … they are stuck there! 😮

Just a better Ubuntu, still unbelievably far out there for most small minds

What’s wrong with those people? Haven’t they seen the light once? All the wonderful opportunities and alternatives? New ways of thinking and computing? Total freedom? Yes, they have. And they are obviously so happy about all that they immediately forgot all they’ve seen and learned … and they fell back into their old mindset. Instead of trying out Ubuntu, and looking for something even awesomerer two days later, really making use of their new-found freedumz, they stuck with the first distro they stumbled upon. 😦

Hey, Ubuntu users! Ubuntu is a Linux distro alright. But it’s one amongst many many others. It may still be the most famoustest among the bunch, at least by name … but didn’t you never ask yourself if that can be all? After all you’ve heard and learned about Linux, GNU, FOSS and all the wonderfull principles and philosophies?

Not saying you should … but you definately can try Gentoo Linux. Some awesome guy obviously thought it’s gud. 🙂 Prove them wrong!

Jeez, I’m really getting kinda angry here. I mean, how dare you settling with Ubuntu or a fork thereof and thinking you’re such a cool rebel, a true Open Source fighter, a real Xer? How dare you? Don’t you worry, cream rises to the top, so really objectively bad Linux distros will fizzle out over time. That’s just the natural order of things, it’s the result of enough people using a certain distro and aren’t really happy with it and find something better. It’s the human way of optimizing stuff. Mass experience. Hive intelligence. So again … how dare you not taking part in the process?

Outsider Solus became popular: Cream rises to the top!

Come on, you must have noticed yourself that there is something awry with your Ubuntu, something missing. Didn’t you notice how other Linuxers are always on the more fanciful desktops, doing the most outlandish stuff with their computing machines? Why aren’t you? Why isn’t it you, the guy who posts the coolest screenshots on 4chan or Reddit? Why aren’t you on some cool Desktop Environment or even a Window Manager? Why don’t you at least give another Linux family a try once in a while? The world doesn’t start and end with *buntu stuff. There is SuSE, Arch, Debian, Slackware, RHEL, there are also CentOS and Gentoo and one could even try openBSD, a real Unix system.

Reddit’s Unixporn is where you wanna be. 😉

Who knows, at least a handful of distributions based on these Linux families might suit your needs better than your Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and other *buntus. You just need to try them to find out. Don’t fall back into your old mindset of accepting and sticking with what’s handed to you; it would only bring you back to Windows. And you don’t want that, do you?

So, guys, all I want from you is to not sit on your hands. Don’t even get comfortable, get busy! Download a Linux distro you just heard about, and give it a try. Some awesome person has “invented” it and they thought something by doing so. Well, mostly it’ll be crappola … but you never know, hehe. You could have found the absolute bestest Linux for you! And you’ll kick yourself in the ass for not having found it earlier. Why not? Because you settled for the fukn first Linux you ever stumbled about. Because you didn’t use your imagination. Because you settled. Because you refused to think big!

Come on, it’s time for a change. So fukn change!!!

ArchLinux with i3 Window Manager: Anything’s possible on Linux. =^.^=


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