Neverending Story

After our unbelievably shitty Turdmobile our second problem child is giving us some trubbels too. Just  this morning I had to bring Oubaas in for repair of a leaking brake caliper. 😦 And when the guys at the Brake and Clutch center are finished with it, they will directly bring it back to the roadholding specialists to finally fix the rear axle.


Yes, the same shop I just got it from last week. They were fixing the steering box while we were overseas, remember? So we’re lined up for two more repairs now … in fact two more ways to sink precious funds into the bottomless pit a.k.a. classic car restoration. Oh, and see? Just of fresh this cold morning, the muffler broke off the exhaust and is almost scraping the asphalt. 😮 One more repair lined up for us! :/

BTW, Speaking of classic cars …


Look what was hanging out at Westcoast Clutch and Brake: A nice old Ford Zephyr, restored to very nice museum quality … almost perfectly. Am I jealous now? Naaaw. I’m not into classics per se, just chose the Transit coz I always prefered it over the fukn run-of-the-mill and grossly overpriced VW Bully. And because I got it for kinda cheap … well, kinda …

Otoh that Zephyr would look rather cute on me and not even give me a fat @$$, right? Just imagining me cruising up to the yoga studio with that sexy little hottie Zephyr …


Turdy at the Early Ford Car Club



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