WTF is Wrong?

Okeee, found a nice piece of land. Directly on Linden Route 12 roadside and not too far off the ocean neither. Am quite sure I’ll find a rez spot if I ever decide to go sailing again. Look:

1280 m² nice flat green protected roadside in

Since I buy it for group I can have the 1280 m² parcel instead of just a usual 1024, so all is fine. Buuuut! No matter how often I click on <Purchase> nothing happens. NUFFINK! 😮

And before you ask, yes, I’ve got my group activated, and yes, I’ve got enuff Woolongs for the purchase. I guess there is something wrong with the seller. Their group shows empty and 0 members. Maybe that’s why the system won’t allow them to sell the parcel. Hmmm …

Why can’t I have it?

Fuk, wot to do now?

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