Land Barons of SL

Peepel who own a sim. I guess there might be one or two among my readership, yes? No? You poor classless proles! 😮 Anyway, for the richy riches, the capitalist pigs amongst you The Lab has just invented something new, something you’ve always wanted.

This just in via the blogger with a clue, Inara Pey:

Fight the griefers proactively!

I guess simple IT logic won’t allow small parcel owners, like yours truly, to restart their smallholdings individually but only works on region/simulator basis. Okay, cool enuff. Now we can just hope and prey the shit won’t go down while we’re busy in said sim. But if it’s like always, with that countdown thingy, everybody should have ample time to vacate the premises before being suckered into non-existence in the black hole of the void.


  1. The lab is having a lot of trust in the behavior of a sim owner. This has a potential to be a real big mess if restarts became an epidemic and started dragging the whole network down.

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    • Let’s just hope, my Lezbian friend, that peepel who spend, like, 300 Woolongs/month for their sims are mature enough to be interested in a smooth grid and not acting like fukn vandals and griefers. There is always the vague hope that not all parents raised their younglings to behave like animals.


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