Zorin 12.3 Why Bother?


Hubby desperately wanted to test the Zorin OS Linux distro. After playing with it for one night he was astonishingly quiet. So I asked him about his experience with Zorin but he really didn’t wanted to talk about it. And now I understand why …

Zorin’s very professional website

It’s crappola. And here is why:

  • The website claims Zorin is an alternative to Windows and Mac. And that is not the way anyone should approach Linux. Linux is its own beast and doesn’t need to be compared to WinApple or being reduced to a mere serviceable “alternative”.
  • They spend a lot of labour and resources into mimicking the desktops of the big operation systems. Why?
  • Zorin is based on Ubuntu, which isn’t very original but is exactly what 90% of other, better distros do as well.
  • On our Lenovo system Zorin runs very very slow. This might be different on other computers but on our i5-650 it’s much slower than any other Linux distro
  • Zorin is commercial pay-for software. They have a free version as  well, and I guess it’s the one most people are using. But the fact alone that they are asking 19 €uros for the full version is offputting.
  • There just isn’t enough WOW factor in Zorin to make it stand out and put it above the crowd of other distros.
Bildschirmfoto von »2018-06-07 01-30-13«
This is what hubby ended up with after a very mild customization. Looks ok-ish but the flat icon theme is uuuuaaargs …

Anyway, since hubby flatout refused to talk about Zorin I checked it myself. And what I found in the 5 minutes I was on the system is …

  • Zorin uses its own desktop out of the box. The desktop is actve, which is cool and way better than Gnome. It was  easy to make the screenshot and found it back in the file system and even put it onto the desktop.
  • The icon theme sucks. I didn’t spend enough time in Zorin to find out how to change it … if possible at all.
  • The software choice is very atypical for a Linux distro. Geary as email program and Google as search engine and email account. What? Why?
  • I couldn’t find any way to figure out on which kernel Zorin is running, neither did I find a terminal. Yes I know most users wanna get rid of terminal operations but to remove it from your distro is like so totally wrong, impractical and more than just a nod towards Microsoft’s superiority. Bullcrap, people. This is a shitty mindset.
Bildschirmfoto von »2018-06-08 03-08-57«
File manager is perfectly serviceable. I’ve seen worse.

Like so many of the new wave of Linux distros Zorin is a very fashionable system. It looks modern, clean and spartan. For the real Linux freak it’s much too anaemic and poorly equipped. In Zorin’s case they’ve even left away some critically important functionalities, like a terminal program and a way to update your kernel and your drivers.

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-06-08 03-39-20«
Very generic choice of online accounts. :/

I call these Linux distros Millenial Linuxes: Fuk freedom, fuk knowledge, fuk know-how, fuk self-determination and responsibility, fuk choice. Life is  complicated enough, give us something easy to understand and to grasp. Give us an alternative to Windows and Mac. 😦

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-06-08 03-42-49«
Geary is so much worse than Thunderbird. So why utilize it?

Don’t get me wrong please. Zorin is a real Linux distro, perfectly workable and probably does a lot of things in an okay-ish manner. But I fail to see the appeal in something that is merely good enough. Good enough ain’t good enough for me. Particularly since it’s so easy to get something much better, equally easy, just with more choice and more freedom and more individuality.

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-06-08 03-44-59«
Very sparse customization options are modern and anti-Linuxy. 😦


    • Anon, I am by no way an expert on Linux but I’m using different variants since 2011, hubby even longer, and we kinda know what we like and we both grasped the idea and philosophy behind GNU/Linux and FOSS. And we both didn’t like Zorin … at all. For a host of reasons. Of course now some experts can tell us how to make it usable for us, how to get rid of the weak points and how to make it betterer … but WHY the fuk should we even bother?

      Zorin, even after all the finetuning, will still be nothing but one of countless Ubuntu spins with outdated kernel and not many ways to help it along at its basic level. The pretty website and the fact you can pay for it don’t help the product Zorin to become any more manageable.

      For the basic housewife user, such as me and 90% of my readers Zorin is but a waste of time. No comparison, no contest to the good stuff by Linux Mint.


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