That’s finally a much needed and awaited information …

Comment section in Mint blog

Ok, I see already your mouths gaping wide open and your eyes watching this in utter disbelieve. WTF is this LMDE 3 shit?

Ha, wrong terminology. LMDE 3 is The Shit! And that’s, as we all know, quite the difference to shit. LMDE stands for Linux Mint Debian Edition, the more adult, faster and a tiny bit geekier version of our fave beginners distro Linux Mint. Debian is just the betterer base distro than Ubuntu, that’s why I’m using LMDE 2 as emergency system since long years, and now hopes are high for an even besterer 3rd coming.

Beta in July. Hmmmph. :/ Okee, that’s still a mighty long time until then. But you can rest assured, as soon as the Beta is ready for download, I’ll be all over it and will also blog it.

Old news still better than no news at all. :/

Is LMDE 3 suitable for blind beginners? Yes, absolutely! In day to day use there ain’t much of  a diff between the normal Ubuntu-based Mint and its big LMDE brother or sister or most beloved uncle. 🙂 I guess if you get Mint 19 now, and maybe read some blog entries and the forum you’ll be super fit on Linux and on Mint by then, and LMDE shouldn’t pose a problem for you at all.

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