Amanda Magick Ain’t on Sansar


Quite a while since I last had a post about Sansar, LL’s moneysink and failed AR platform. Well, one of the reasons turned out to be that it’s simply not for everyone. Famous SL bloggerista Amada Magick found that out as well …

Not for Mac or Linux users. 😦

Why I would usually say that Amanda shouldn’t get from one walled garden to the next but switch to Linux instead, unfortunately LL didn’t think about us Linux users neither. Anyway, be that as it may, it is a reality that Sansar isn’t simply for everyone, it is not for a majority, a vast majority of computer users! It is not for the most truest users of the SL platform: Females! We’re not gaming, we aren’t interested in all that technological shit, we won’t spend money on AR goggles that make us puke, we already have what we want and need and we are happy on the SL platform as it is. It’s the closest thing to online gaming most of us will ever get to.

We are spending lots of Woolongs in Second Life. And we’re no geeks. But we are many!

Jo Yardley’s Sansar LogIn page

And, guess what Lindens, most of us aren’t even sad about it. We are stubborn … for the right and good reasons this time. The usage scenarios for VR enabled hardware are too few and right now can only be used for gaming. And since most SL users are decidedly non-gamers it is simply not a worthwile alternative for us. I guess I wrote often enough about The Lab doesn’t know shit about their user base, so let’s not flog a dead horse. But it’s true nonetheless, and Amanda must learn it too: It’s not enough to get onto a Windows platform. Just running Windows on your computer (which Amanda could easily do on her Mac) ain’t gonna cut it. She’d neeed a very powerful system with a good graphics card (rarely to be found on Macs), a VR headset and enough physical space in her computing environment to stumble and trip around in.

Linden LabAaaand anyway, most SL users don’t even see the need to go thru all that hassle just to do their SL business. We all know what SL related stuff is for 99% of users: Meet friends, party, chat, build a bit here and there, go shopping. We don’t need the expensive VR shit for that. Yes, we all know it, because it’s our reality of living in SL. Only The Lab doesn’t seem to know and is dead set on staying ignorant. Dem Bloddy Idjitz. 😮



  1. Hey there LOL,
    I am glad you mentioned me as a famous blogger but let’s be real now…. I have to respond to this:

    ..”Just running Windows on your computer (which Amanda could easily do on her Mac) ain’t gonna cut it. She’d neeed a very powerful system with a good graphics card (rarely to be found on Macs), a VR headset and enough physical space in her computing environment to stumble and trip around in…”

    I will never put windows on my Mac and open it up to all the viruses and trojans and sneaky nasty shit that affects the windows platform only to now have that shit ruin my Mac. I do have a powerful Mac makes up for my crappy internet speed I am doomed with. My graphics are top notch and my computer is strong enough and amazing enough I could maybe launch a rocket for NASA. LOLOL. Well maybe that does not need a wicked computer… But my Mac is a good one.

    I am glad you pinged me and responded.. we are in the same boat with Macs and Linux for sure “ROCK ON!”

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    • I don’t think it’s your quad core to blame for the lacking performance, Pat. It’s rather the fact of bad laptop graphics solutions. Even if you have a dedicated brand name GPU built into your machine it’ll be the scaled down “mobile” solution that, even with the same model name can never compete with its desktop brethren. 😦

      But, be that as it may, having a Sansar-ready machine will cost some undisclosed amount of money. And even if its only, like, the 300 woolongs for the Octopus, it’s more than I’m willing to spend on such nonsense.
      And I will bet my skinny ass, that most of the Octopusses that were gifted last xmas are already getting dusty in some attic or basement, unused and unloved.

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      • Right, and right. I have an HP Pavilion G7 with dedicated graphics hardware and a cooling fan that moans like Stormie Daniels practicing her profession when I’m in Second Life, and it won’t run some of my alts (the ones with very large inventories).

        It’d never occur to me to enrich Oculus by buying their 3D gadgets, when someone else would likely offer more goodness which worked on more MMORPGs than just Sansar and RLC2. Just saying, I’ll take a good look at Sansar in 2D before investing in anything special to run it.

        If they don’t get their hardware demands down, then likely I’ll score very low on my Sansar Purity Test forever.

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          • A purity test is a list of questions you answer, each of which points to something you’ve done in your life. The original purity test was a list of questions about sex acts you committed. You got one point per sex act, and the higher your score the less “pure” you were.

            A Sansar purity test would be easy for me to pass, because I’ve done about four separate things on Sansar before my computer locked up. I’m as close to a Sansar virgin as you can be if you used that viewer at all.

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            • I’ve beat you in that, having only registered but never set a foot in world. I mean, how could I, having no Windows.
              … Oh, I have a Windows installed now, for the Dual Boot story. But I guess that PC is prolly too old to do anything in Sansar, but crash. 😦


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