32-bit. Really?

Just found this little gem over at Inara’s blog:

32-bit Win users have issues? Naaaaw, never!

Must I really comment on this? Do I have to out myself as a “hater”? Okeeeee …

  1. 32-bit
  2. Microsoft Windows
  3. Linden Lab viewer

I hate you guys sooo much right now. Who in the fukn world uses either of these 3 instruments of d00m? Didn’t you notice that your hard- and software must be over 10 years old by now? How did you manage to keep your shit alive for that long? Not even Microsoft loves you anymore, you stubborn pig. While I love stubborn-ness (stubbornity?), I hate it when done for all the wrong reasons.

Money problems? Hey, I’ve got a solution for you: Log off SL, get a fukn job, buy cheap new 64-bit machine, get on Linux, install a wonderful modern Third Party Viewer … log back in, and stop complaining and stealing the Lab’s resources.

Fuk, Orca ain’t rich neither, still that girl’s got 4 (in words: four) kinda SL enabled computers she uses on a daily base. Her setup wasn’t costly at all, with the most expensive part being her second hand Nvidia graphics card. BTW, she paid 0 (in words: zero) Woolongs for any software, and she didn’t even steal anything.

And so can you!


Don’t waste your Woolongs on useless shirts, buy computers instead. Computers are the shit, go get one.

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