Linux Mint 19 BETA: First Look

Hey, told ya I’ll do it, wasn’t I?

But what am I gonna tell you about a system that’s so fukn good, and only keeps getting better from release to release?


Yeah, I could tell you what exactly became better in version 19, what’s the diff from 18.3. Well, for that let’s just have a look at Mint’s homepage:

  • Linux Mint 19 is a Long Term Support release which will be supported until 2023.
  • Contrary to the trendy fashion in Linux you can still download the 32-bit version of Mint 19. Pfff. :/
  • Timeshift. That’s a thing that lets you set your system back to a certain earlier point in time in case you kaputted your fancy new Linux.
  • Update Manager updates everything now. I relies on Timeshift, so you can set your system back in case the update breaks something. Ok, cool.
  • They updated the Welcome Screen! Ya, whoopdeedoo, and much ado about nothing if you ask me. This is maybe important when you start your brandnew Mint 19 for the first time … and after that you’ll never look at it again.
  • Software Manager: Well, cool they made a nicer layout now. WTF? You go in there, find a piece of software and install it. What do I care how nice the store looks? Talk about solutions nobody was asking for.
  • Cinnamon 3.8: Yeah, they made it faster. Now that is finally a good thing for Cinnamon users, since the Cinn flavour was always a bit tardier and slower than Mate and Xfce.


I’ve installed Mint Cinnamon since it’s Mint’s house DE, their home brewed selfmade environment. It’s a good looking, sexy desktop but for me it still lacks behind Mate in customization options. If you’re not into making your computer your own and are happy with factory settings then Cinnamon is truly one of the nicest desktops there is.


Once you’re done with all the stuff the welcome screen wants you to do, this is how Mint looks in its natural, unaltered state. I guess everybody can live with this, no?


Two or three minutes later and with a very few customizations Mint Cinnamon already looks more like Orca’s desktop.


Quickly added a new wallpaper background, which makes the new system look like totally fresh and funky.I could work with this system.


Made this snapshot right now. 4 a.m, in the mörning and watching YT videos on my main machine (center) and blogging on Gaga with Linux Mint 19 (right).

Now you may wonder if that’s all I’ve gotta say about the new Mint 19. And, yes, it is. There are no revolutionary new stuffz happening in Mint, as Clem and his team are more the types for careful evolution, making good stuff better instead of reinventing the wheel all over again every six months.

So Mint stays the same old (boring) Linux distro we all know and love since years. If you’re used to work on Mint 10 or 14 or something old like that you’ll have no problems working on Mint 19. You’ll notice how much speedier it is nowadays and how much prettier. But that’s personal taste and won’t have much influence on your workflow.

Ya, so I’m very sorry to disappoint all my readers who expected me and Mint to surprise you with a fireworx. That’s not how it works, people, that’s not how Mint works. If you wanna have a paradigm shift, a culture shock, you should look at Ubuntu. They are so wibbly wobbly over there at Canonical, they are ready to throw out the baby with the bath water at any moment. They did it before and they will continue to do so … until they are going down in insignificance. Well, Mint will stay relevant and keep on getting better and better in its charming, humble, ways. A stable workhorse for the masses who wanna finally replace their Windows with a fully fleshed out alternative.

Learn everything about the new stuffz on Mint’s website.

What I find much more exciting is the upcoming new LMDE3! Not only do I think the slowly rolling Debian base is a better match for the bland Mint than hyper active sexy Ubuntu but it’s faster in your daily work and more earnest and sober and mature. Will let you know once it’s released.


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