Barbarians at the Gate! :o

Oh god! 😦

The end of independent Open Source projects?

Microsoft loves Linux? No, it envies Linux, it wants to own and exploit Linux!

The geeky playground and host of many Linux distros is now owned by the enemy. 😦

In case you didn’t know about the importance of GitHub and how MS owning it might cause some real problems, here’s a video by Joe Collins in which he finds some choice words about the whole aquisition:

The commenters aren’t to happy about the newness neither:

unhappyAre we witnessing Microsoft’s last stand? Is it them fighting tooth and claws for the survival of their redundant operating system? Buying Linux out? Too late, mofos! You can’t kill a thing that’s in the public domain, you can’t stop Linux. It’s too old and mature, has too much love and support and very clever developers who’ll find other hosts for their projects. Linux is an unstoppable wave now! Better grab your board and join us surfing on the breaking point of technology.

MS knows Responsibility?

That’s also why it’s so important to send some bucks in the direction of your fave Linux distro. Empower them to pay for their own servers and buy some donutz and beer and pizza n stuff. Don’t donate to the millionaires at the corrupt Linux Foundation but give directly to your upstream guys. Clem (Linux Mint), PhilM (Manjaro), Frederic2ec (Namib GNU/Linux) and Ikey Doherty (Solus), among other project leads, are the heart and soul of Linux, they deserve our direct support.

It’s news even at the geographical end of the world.


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