WTF of the Day. :/

Now we all know how bad the Russians are, don’t we? Fortunately they are also very stupid …

How dare they having a better democracy than ours?

Well, Orca mostly knows Russians as kinda delicious sausages, and can’t say anything bad about those. Particularly the Cheese Russians are oh-so-yummy. Then there’s the Russian pimps, which are less nice, and the Russian mafia, which is absolutely the worst and too criminal for my taste. Oh ya, Russian hackers – should they exist at all – are known for their admirable expertise. You really think switching your router OFF/ON will make it more secure? I’ve got one or two questions about that:

Do you honstely believe a malware program won’t re-attach to your router the very second you switch it back on again?

And secondly what do you think makes you so important any foreign spy service would waste their resources on you personally? Only agency worldwide known for such meaniepooface behaviour and with the means and finances to do so is our very own NSA, the protectors of peace and true democracy. Mhm. 😉



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