Slowly …

… very slowly getting homely again. No, haven’t unpacked all the dirty laundry yet, neither our washbag and all the small shit we carried around with us … BUUUT have just completed the setup of my datacenter. 🙂 One must set the right priorities, yes?


All 3 desktop machines are back online and in full working order. On the left side is MiniMe, featuring … oh, I dunno, some weird KDE distro, hubby is experimenting with.

Far right I’ve installed the brandnew Lubuntu 18.04. Or at least it was brandnew when I installed it on Gaga but didn’t have the time for a test before we had to leave for Germany. Hmmm, do I really feel like giving that stupid system a chance? Do you, dear readers, deserve my pseudo expertise and my final negative verdict?

Tee hee, of course you do. But if you know me you’ll know already what I think about ultra light desktops. Particularly of the sort that buys its speed and lightness by giving up essential creature comforts and luxuries. I think it’s saving on the wrong end, cutting short your personal comfort for the sake of some imagined speed advancements. 😦 Thanks but no thanks.

And last but not least, in the center is, as always, my trusty main rig, MiniMax. It was the first I connected, like, 5 minutes after we arrived at our house. We’ve already watched some canned TV series, and last night the new Tomb Raider movie, and I’ve blogged on it once or twice. So I’m more than ready for another year of boring Linux shit and awesome exciting blogstories from the humorous world of international politics, and of course the one or other story from inworld SL. I must never forget where this blog once started. And I shall honour its tradition as a SL-centric publication.

Will probably bring you some stories from the road and from Japanese bath houses. Maybe even go sailing once or twice. Hmm, no, wait. Let’s not make false promises. This avie has spent more than enough time on the water, probably more than some total lifetimes of other SLers. I don’t need to sail anymore.

Oh, apropos inworld …


I’m continuing my search for land and found this very very nice little beachy parcel in Potter on the continent of Nautilus. 1024 m² with protected Linden route on one end and navigable ocean on the other. Perfection. Naaw. Rather not. 40.000 Woolong is much too steep and like almost twice of my available monies right now. And since I’ve decided to go, like totally, on an egotrip I’m not looking for partners to share the land with. Well, my altsisters, of course, but nobody else. Will probably not even grant our altbrother Neo entry to the parcel. 🙂

So the search shall continue …


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